Lead Vocals

Anna was born singing. From the time she was very little she has sung constantly. At the age of 5, she started studying piano and stills plays today. In 5th grade she joined the school band as a percussionist. She is currently in school band (percussion), Jazz band, and has made both the All-County and All-State band. She plans to join the marching band this Fall as a 9th grader at Cape. Anna loves being in the Teenage Satellites and playing at all the local venues.

Favorite Band: Deftones

Musical Influences: Hayley Williams, Janis Joplin

Favorite Beach Food: Thrasher's French Fries

Favorite Cover You Play: The Trooper - Iron Maiden


Bass, Vocals

While he plays the bass for the Satellites, Brayden also plays multiple instruments. He began playing the keyboards at age 7, and picked up his first guitar shortly after. He began playing the bass at age 9, and started drumming the next year. When not jamming, Brayden runs track and swims competitively. He's a big Blink-182 fan and likes to skim and skate. His favorite color is pink.

Favorite Band: Blink-182

Musical Influences: Mark Hoppus

Favorite Beach Food: Gus & Gus Hotdogs

Favorite Cover You Play: TiK ToK - Ke$ha


Guitar, vocals

Jamie began playing keyboards in 3rd grade. He started playing guitar in 2020, but when the pandemic closed everything down after only a few lessons, he began practicing on his own and is pretty much a self-taught guitarist. Jamie enjoys all kinds of music and would do great in a music trivia contest. He enjoys going to concerts, and a fun fact is that he got pulled up on stage when he went to the "Less Than Jake" show in Philly in 2022. Jamie has been running since he was 7 years old, and has run multiple 5k's. Jamie earned a varsity letter in track at Cape this year as a freshman, swims competitively, skates, and likes to write and record his original music.

Favorite Band: Blink-182

Musical Influences: Tom DeLonge

Favorite Beach Food: Gus & Gus Hotdogs

Favorite Cover You Play: American Girl - Tom Petty


Drums, Vocals

Jase comes from a family of singers/musicians/performers. He began drum lessons at the age of 6, and thereafter was intrigued to do more, learning how to play low brass instruments, bass and guitar. His early training was in jazz and classical music and he has participated in County and All-State bands. He currently participates in the Cape HS wind ensemble, jazz band, and marching band. He truly enjoys all genres of music. Jase is a member of the National Honor Society and the Cape track team, and he aspires to study Computer Science or Music Production/Music Business in college. Fun fact: he is a distant relative to Elvis Presley!

Favorite Band: Slayer

Musical Influences: Jay Weinberg, Travis Barker, Paul Mazurkiewicz

Favorite Beach Food: Funnel Cakes

Favorite Cover You Play: Green Machine - Kyuss


Lead Guitar

Jasper eats, sleeps, and breathes guitar. He started playing at age 2 and was initially taught by his father. He is also a self-taught drummer, which he began playing when he was 7. Jasper enjoys building electric guitars and modifying amps. You may catch Jasper skateboarding around town or BMX biking. He is homeschooled and plans on going to college to study music and music engineering.

Favorite Band: Darkest Hour

Musical Influences: Dimebag Darrell, Mike Schleibaum, Stephan Carpenter, and Mike Morgan

Favorite Beach Food: Nicola Pizza

Favorite Cover You Play: Green Machine - Kyuss